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Before you buy,something you might want to know,following FAQ will

provide you a roughly idea about what LED lights you are looking for:

1) What kind of lamps you want to replace?halogen lights?CFL,metal halide lamp,or sodium lamp etc.

     It’s better to  have general idea about your current lamps’ lumen output,then you can compare with LED lamps

    Normally,LED lights lighting efficiency will be 100LM/W,for example,a 10W LED bulb can produce 1000 lumens around.

2) What’s color of your lamps? 

warm white CCT3000K around,daylight CCT4000K around,cool white CCT6000K around.or other colors you might have.

    Then you can you have a better idea when you decide to buy LED lamps

3) What’s your lamp holder?

     GU10,E27,G24,MR16,MR11,E14 or other holders.once you confirm the holder,you can choose LED lights which carry

     the same base to replace your current lamps directly.

4) What’s the size or cutout size of your lamps?
    Before you make a replacement,you might need to know the diameter of your current lamps or the cutout size.

    this information will make sure you can  buy the right LED lights to your fixtures.

5) What’s your national voltage?

     generally speaking,there are 2 voltage system all the world.110V/120V AC and 220V/230V AC

    .In America,people  use 110V AC voltage,such as USA,Canada,Mexico,Cuba etc.In EU and Asia,most countries

    use 220V AC voltage. but normally this not gonna to be a problem for LED lamps since most LED lamps now use

    85~265V AC world wide voltage, which can be used in any where.but still,some facotries only produce single voltage,

    110V AC or 220V AC. as a buyer,it’s better make it clear before you buy.

Smooth use wide range working voltage(from 85V AC to 265V AC)drivers for all LED lamps,so,take it easy!

After this,you might say"I want a GU10 7W,warm white CCT3000K,220V AC LED spot to replace my halogen",

That’s clear as a bell  !!!!!!

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